Job in Shipping logistics

Job in Shipping and logistics.

Shipping and Logistics is the right career option for individuals who are interested in transportation business management in India. With various opportunities available in the industry, shipping and logistics can be a very advantageous career option.
Job in Shipping and logistics.

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Department :Shipping & Logistics .

Designation: Technical support & Shipping.

Vacancies – 412
Designation: Technical support,

Security Supervisor,Accountant,Announcer,

Cash Collector,Operation,

Security Checker Security Guard.
Job location: Pune,Visakhapatnam,


Eligibility: 10th/SSC, 18-45 Years.

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Age: 18’th to 45.

Industry: Courier / Transportation / Freight / Warehousing.

Functional Area: Export , Import , Merchandising.

Application process: Apply for this by fill application for this job.
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